UWC Policies for Students

Students must be currently enrolled at MTSU to use UWC services.

Students may only have one appointment per day and only one appointment on the schedule at any given time.

If a student is ten minutes late, the appointment be opened up to other students who may walk-in . The student will be recorded as a no-show, and the appointment will have to be rescheduled for another day. If a student receives three no-shows in one semester, the student will be unable to schedule an appointment with the UWC for the remainder of the semester; however, if that student walks in and an appointment is available at the time he/she arrives, that student will still be able to use the UWC's services. Please call if you will be late to an appointment or need to cancel.

As per UWC policies, writing assistants will not proofread or edit papers during a session. We do, however, have resources in the writing center and online to address proofreading strategies.

Because our schedule is constantly changing, please be aware that a particular tutor cannot be guaranteed for a session, even if requested in advance.

UWC Policies for Faculty

UWC workshops must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Professors may only have one workshop per class per semester. All workshops are 55 minutes or less. Class visits should be scheduled at least one week in advance.

A professor (or substitute) must be in the room when the UWC conducts a workshop.

A professor should not require UWC attendance. For helpful suggestions on recommending the UWC to students, please visit this link.

As of fall 2009, we will no longer offer to students proof of attendance. See our suggested alternative to the Student Attendance Form for other options or contact Caty Chapman.


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