Scheduling an Appointment

How to Make Your Appointment

To schedule an appointment, visit  On your first visit, you'll be asked to set up a WCONLINE account.  Use your MTSU email address to create your account and set up your profile (WCONLINE accounts are not linked to Pipeline).  All appointments are 45 minutes long, or you can drop-in for a quick-question session if time is available is on the schedule.  Quick question sessions are available to walk-ins as the schedule allows.  Make your appointment in advance to reserve your spot on the schedule!

If you have trouble setting up your account or scheduling your appointment, give us a call at 904.8237.  We are happy to help!

Types of Appointments


During your appointment at the UWC, you will work one-to-one with a Writing Assistant and have access to all the resources in the writing center. You can choose between a 50- and 25-minute appointment. Now located in the library, the UWC is conveniently placed near other resources like the library's Research Coach and Digital Media Studio.

Online Appointments

Can't make it to campus, or prefer to work at home? Call us to schedule an appointment online.  In an online appointment, you can chat with your tutor, upload a copy of your paper to share it, and collaborate with your tutor in real time! What's the best part, you ask? Your chat and the changes that you and your tutor make to the paper will be saved with your appointment, so you can refer back to your conversation later.There's no more struggling to remember, "What did my tutor say I should do here?"

Online appointments are now conducted through WCONLINE. Once we've scheduled your online appointment, simply log-in to WC Online and select "View Schedule" from the control panel. Your online session will be the only session you see that's not blue. Click on it, scroll to the bottom of the window that pops up, and hit "Start or Join Online Consultation." Online appointments must be 50 minutes long.

Long-term Appointments

Long-term appointments are tailored to your specific writing goals and allow you to work at the same time each week with the same tutor so you can really mark your progress. Long-term appointments are reserved for students working on specific goals or projects, including the following:

  • Theses or dissertations
  • Creative projects such as novels, collections of short stories or poetry, graphic novels/comics, etc.
  • Preparing for tests like the GRE, PRAXIS, LSAT, etc.
  • Generalized writing goals like improving grammar usage.

To request a long-term appointment, click here.


Late and No-Show Policies

If a student is ten or more minutes late, the appointment will be opened up to other students who may walk in. The student will be recorded as a no-show, and the appointment may have to be rescheduled for another day. If a student receives three no-shows in one semester, the student will be unable to schedule an appointment with the WC for the remainder of the semester; however, if that student walks in and an appointment is available at the time he/she arrives, that student will still be able to use the WC's services. Please call if you will be late to an appointment or need to cancel. These policies apply to face-to-face, online, and long-term appointments.


Tips for a Successful Visit:


Be on time for appointments whether they are in the center or online!


Know what your assignment is, and bring or submit a copy of the assignment sheet if you have one.


Bring whatever work you have done, and be ready to ask specific questions.


Plan ahead, and make your appointment early so that you have time to revise with the help that you receive and so that you can come back again if needed.


Know that we can help you become a better writer over time, not in a single session.

Remember: You can come at any stage of the writing process with any writing assignment; you can even come to brush up on skills when you don't have a paper due. The ability to communicate is the best asset you'll walk away from college with—don't miss this opportunity to develop your communication skills. Give us a try!



Our new scheduling system allows us to keep all of your information on file, all the time. All your information is stored in one place (no more filling out forms when you get here!).  With WCONLINE, you can view your scheduled appointments from any computer and get email reminders of your upcoming appointments.

"How do I access this wonderful tool?"

You have two options:

  • You can set up your profile yourself anytime by going to the log-in page ( Here, you can manage your information and look at the schedule in advance to view available appointments.
  • We can set up an account for you. Just call the WC (904-8237), and we will create your account and temporary password. After that, you can log in, update your information, and set up your own unique password. Once we set up your profile, you can view and edit your information online.