January 2007 - October 2008 - Approximately 850 middle school girls participated in WISTEM after school activities. We also presented six lectures on STEM education and careers to 771 high school students, the majority female.

January 2007 -  
The GRITS Collaborative Project site visit was held with over 80 representatives from Tennessee schools, organizations, and industry.

June 2007 -
GRITS received a sub-award ($32,500) from the NSF funded National Girls Collaborative Project to establish the GRITS Collaborative Project for Tennessee.

October 2007 -
EYH served 279 middle school girls and 47 high school girls.

September 2008 -
The GRITS Collaborative Kick-off event was held with 74 representatives from across of the state in attendance.

October 2008 - EYH served approximately 289 middle school girls and 58 high school girls.

May 2010 - WISTEM Center Advisory Board meeting held at MTSU.

May 2011 - WISTEM Center Advisory Board meeting held at MTSU.

November 2011 - GRITS Collaborative Project held its first Annual Conference titled Sisters in STEM. Keynote speakers were Nancy Holliday of the Microsoft Corporation who presented "The Adventures of a Technical Career" and Tanya Foreman of the Eastman Chemical Company who spoke on "Importance of Diversity in STEM."

December 2011 – GRITS Collaborative Project invited to White House Champions of Change: Women and Girls in STEM.

January 2012 – GRITS Collaborative Project renewed.

May 2012 – WISTEM Advisory Board meeting at Tennessee College of Applied Technology Murfreesboro.

Fall 2012 – Formed partnership with TN-SCORE to provide renewable energy outreach to Green Girls!

September 2012 – The 16th MTSU EYH was held at MTSU with approximately 450 middle and high school girls.

January 2013 - SciGirls Connect presented two full days of professional development on using SciGirls curriculum, materials and SciGirls Seven research.

February 2013 - GRITS Collaborative Project held its second Annual Conference titled Building STEM Capacity for Girls: Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) in the South. Keynote speakers included Heather Gibbons, CEO of the Expanding Your Horizons Network (EYHN) and Monika Whitfield, Program Manager for EYHN. Techbridge presented their program: Role Models Matter.

March 2013 – First DigiGirls Day held in collaboration with Nissan North America and Microsoft.

March 2013 – WISTEM Center hosted AWIS workshops: Improving Work-Life Satisfaction and The Importance of Mentoring Relationships.

May 2013 - WISTEM Center Advisory Board meeting held at Nissan North America in Smyrna.

August 2014 - Awarded ADVANCE-Catalyst grant.