Reported Non-Attendance (unofficial withdrawal)

Potential Financial Aid Consequences

  • If non-attendance (never or stopped attending) is reported before the census date of the semester, your federal, state, and institutional aid may be cancelled or reduced.  Students receiving military tuiton assistance will have TA funds prorated and returned.
  • If non-attendance is reported for all enrolled courses, you will be considered unofficially withdrawn and MTSU must perform a Federal Return of Title IV Funds Calculation. Refer to Official Withdrawal procedure for more information.
  • If you unofficially withdraw or drop below half-time, MTSU must notify your loan servicer and your six month grace period for loan repayment will begin.
  • Non-attendance may result in a ‘FA’ grade and may have a negative impact on your eligibility to receive financial aid in the future, including the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS). Refer to the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy and to the TELS rules webpage.                                                                                      

If financial aid is cancelled or reduced because of non-attendance, you will most likely owe a balance.

How to View Your Attendance Report in RaiderNet  

  1. Log into PipelineMT.
  2. Click on the RaiderNet tab.
  3. Click on the Student tab.
  4. Click on the Student Records link.
  5. Click on Attendance Reporting.
  6. Select the term.

If you have any concerns about your reported attendance, you need to contact the course instructor.