Academic Master Plan

MTSU has honored its long tradition of developing and implementing an academic master plan (AMP) to ensure that the University consistently remains focused on furthering its mission with the development and implementation of the MTSU Academic Master Plan, The Reach to Distinction, 2015-2025.  The AMP process – broad based, campus-wide, and data driven – incorporated a deliberate, concerted assessment of the University’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities. The plan is the University’s roadmap for setting its academic goals, objectives, and allocating its resources. 

The Reach to Distinction recommits the University to three goals:

  • Enhance academic quality
  • Foster student-centered learning
  • Leverage resources through partnerships

and identifies three interrelated strategic directions to focus pursuit of the goals:

  • advance academic quality through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service and the celebration of MTSU’s strengths;
  • promote student success and individual responsibility for accomplishments through a community dedicated to student-centered learning; and
  • develop purposeful and sustainable partnering relationships and outreach.