AMP Committee Members

Academic Master Plan Steering Committee

Philip Phillips, Chair (Associate Dean, University Honors College)
Zeny Panol, Vice Chair (Associate Dean, College of Media and Entertainment)
Mary Hoffschwelle, Chair - Quality Subcommittee (History)
Bud Fischer, Chair - Student Centeredness Subcommittee (Basic and Applied Sciences)
David Foote, Chair - Partnerships Subcommittee (Business)
Janis Brickey (Human Sciences)
Jennifer Caputo (Health and Human Performance)
Steven Livingston (Political Science)
Marva Lucas (University Studies)
Patti Miller (Campus Planning)
Craig Rice (Elementary and Special Education)
Rebecca Seipelt-Thiemann (Biology)
Jason Vance (Walker Library)
Laurie Witherow (Admissions and Enrollment Services)
Faye Johnson (Office of University Provost)

Academic Master Plan Subcommittees

Academic Quality Subcommittee
Mary Hoffschwelle, Chair (History)                                                                          
Rebecca Seipelt-Thiemann, Vice Chair (Biology)
Scott Boyd (Theatre and Dance; Faculty Senate Representative)
Janis Brickey (Human Sciences)
Tom Brinthaupt (Psychology; Director of Faculty Development, LT&ITC)
David Gotcher (Associate Dean, University College)
Brandi Martin (Undergraduate Student)
Patti Miller (Campus Planning)
Bill Mooningham (Community Representative)
Sheila Otto (English; Director of General Education)
Craig Rice (Elementary and Special Education)
Amy Sayward (History; Interim Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies)
Kim Sokoya (Management and Marketing; Associate Dean, College of Business)

Student Centered Subcommittee
Bud Fischer, Chair (Dean, College of Basic and Applied Sciences)
Marva Lucas, Vice Chair (Chair, University Studies)
Stephen Bartos (Educational Leadership)
Jennifer Caputo (Health and Human Performance)
Cosette Collier (Recording Industry)
Amy Beth Hale (Community Representative)
Martha Hixon (English)
Hailey Horton (Graduate Student)
Eric Klumpe (Physics and Astronomy)
Paula Mansfield (Alumni Representative)
Kimberly Tolbert (Undergraduate Student)
Diane Turnham (Athletics)
Jason Vance (Library)
Vincent Windrow (Student Success)
Laurie Witherow (Associate Vice Provost, Admissions and Enrollment Services)

Partnerships Subcommittee
David Foote, Chair (Associate Dean, College of Business)
Steve Livingston, Vice Chair (Political Science)
Walter Boles (Engineering Technology)
Metrick Houser (Community Representative)
Bobbi Lussier (College of Education)
Nick Perlick (Director, Development)
Jan Quarles (Media Arts)
Jack Ross (Senior Director, Marketing and Communications)
Rebecca Smith (Social Work; Chairs Council)
Debra Rose Wilson (Nursing)
Alumni Representative