Courses for the Jewish and Holocaust Studies minor

JHS Program Courses


  • JHS 3010 Jewish Culture and Civilization (required for all minors; no prerequisites)
  • JHS 3020 The Holocaust (required for all minors; no prerequisites)
  • JHS 4500 Current Trends in Jewish and Holocaust Studies (required for all minors; prerequisites JHS 3010 and JHS 3020 or POD)
  • JHS 4970 Independent Research in Jewish and Holocaust Studies (POD only; contact JHS Advisor Dr. Elyce Rae Helford for more information)



  • ENGL 2020  Themes in Literature and Culture (Jewish American Literature or Holocaust Survivor Literature only)
  • ENGL 3440  The Bible as Literature
  • ENGL 4780  Topics in War and Literature (The Holocaust in Literature and Culture only)
  • ENGL 4860  Special Topics in Film (Film and the Holocaust only)
  • GEOG 4500   Geography of the Middle East
  • GERM 4010 Topics in German Literature (Holocaust in German Literature - when taught in English only)
  • HIST 3090  Topics in European History (The Third Reich and the Holocaust, Nazis and Victims, or 20th-century European History only)
  • HIST 4840  World War II
  • HUM 2610  Foreign Literature in Translation (Jewish Writers in Translation only)
  • HUM 3600  Israeli Film
  • HUM 4000  Women of the Middle East
  • MES 2100  Introduction to Middle East Studies
  • RS 2030   Religion and Society
  • RS 3010   Bible Origins and Content
  • RS 3020   Comparative Religions
  • RS  4050   Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • SOC 4150  Topics in Sociology (Hate Crimes only)
  • SOC 4550  Sociology of Religion
  • WGST 4206  Women and the Holocaust
  • U H 3500   The Holocaust and After