Jewish and Holocaust Studies Minor | MTSU

Minor Requirements

A total of 18 hours is required for the minor (15 hours as of Spring 2021). For electives, students may select courses related to Jewish Studies and/or Holocaust Studies, to suit their particular interests.

General Requirements (9 hours)

JHS 3010 Jewish Culture and Civilization (will become 2010 as of Spring 2021)

JHS 3020 The Holocaust

JHS 4500 Current Trends in Jewish and Holocaust Studies (prerequisites: JHS 3010 and JHS 3020)   

Electives (9 hours)

Visit Courses for list of electives to choose from. Contact Advisor Dr. Elyce Rae Helford for a PDF of eligible courses by term. 

No more than 6 hours may be taken in any one department (not including JHS).

Additional Information

To add a JHS minor, contact the JHS minor director ( or visit the Undergraduate Change of Program page.

The minor will be added when you complete your Upper-Division form with your major adviser (after 60 hours of coursework) and the JHS director signs it. 

And keep in touch! Regular advising will inform you of updates to the minor and new course options. Dr. Helford will always be happy to meet with you to discuss your plans and ensure all the courses you take count for the minor,


[Paragraph 175 streaming link.]