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MTSU's professional learning community created and sustained by advisors to foster communication, collaboration,
commitment, comradery, and continued growth for the benefit of students, the university, and Truly YOU.


The point details reference guide is pending approval for 2019-2020. Visit the Events page to view upcoming opportunities.

Professional Development

“…The continuous expansion of skills, knowledge and abilities aimed at long-term growth” (Southern Ontario Library Service, 2014).

  • Focuses on the holistic development of the individual over task-related skills.
  • Concerned with:
    • Critical faculties
    • Personal philosophies
    • Professional integrity and professionalism
    • Emotional intelligence and relational skills
    • Conceptual skills
    • Motivation


    • Leadership
  • Broad in scope and characterized by a wide range of outcomes related to individual growth.


“…Any learning activity focused on acquiring specific knowledge or skills required for a particular job or task” (Southern Ontario Library Service, 2014).

  • Focuses on tasks and functions of a certain position.
  • Designed to improve one’s technical knowledge to better carry out current job functions.
  • Focused on the short-term with emphases on measurable and identifiable skills (e.g. better navigating a website, using certain software programs, better understanding institutional policies and procedures as they relate to one’s current position).


  • Characterized by specific objectives and limited outcomes.

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