Transfer Evaluation Overview

Transfer evaluations in PipelineMT and Degree Works provide advisors with guidance as to where academic credit is/can be applied, once transcripts are reviewed by an official transcript analyst. However, advisors can request substitutions if they believe a course should fulfill either a major, minor, or general education requirement. If such a situation develops, a substitution form is completed on behalf of the student. Substitution options may vary by college, so refer to the advising manager. Below is a helpful chart to guide the advisor when reviewing transfer evaluation attributions. The example column is to be viewed as a sample only. See the advising manager for specific transfer course questions. Please contact for more information.

  • NOTE: A minimum of 25 percent of credit for each degree awarded by MTSU must be earned through offerings by the University. Typically, a minimum of 30 hours earned through MTSU is required; however, in degree programs of more than 120 semester hours a greater number of hours would be required.
Academic Credit Domain Attribute Course Example
  GCCT COMM ELLD: Speech & Listening
  GE1T ENGL 1010: Expository Writing
  GE2T ENGL 1020: Research & Argumentative Writing
U.S. History
  G2CT* HIST 1110: Survey of World Civilization I
  GHHT HIST 2010: Survey of U.S. History I 
Humanities / Fine Arts
  G2CT* HIST 1110: Survey of World Civilization I 
  GFHT HUM ELLD: Intro to Film Studies 
  GFLT ENGL ELLD: Western Humanities
  GFHR RODP Majors Only
  GMMT MATH 1710: College Algebra
Natural Science
  GNST BIOL 1110: General Biology 
  GNSR BIOL 1010: Biology I
Social / Behavioral Health
  GSBT PSY 1410: General Psychology 
  GSBR TNe Campus Majors Only 
  GSPT MS 1010: 1st Year Basic (Active Duty Credit)
Upper Division
  UD or UDT ATHC ELUD: Coaching Concepts

 *G2CT applies to History or Humanities/Fine Arts, per advisor review for best location.

Transfer Equivalenices (TEAM)

T.E.A.M. (Transfer Equivalencies at Middle) is a helpful guide for students and advisors which shows MTSU course equivalencies from hundreds of colleges and universities across the country. If a course does not appear in the list, then an official course equivalency has not been determined by the department yet. Courses and schools will be added to the list as official equivalencies are determined. A class listing on the T.E.A.M. website does not guarantee that it is currently offered at either school. See page for more information on how to use this site. 

TES: Transfer Evaluation System

Use TES to search for course descriptions from a database containing millions of records. Access complete course details, including course title, course code, and credits. View institution profiles, including accreditation, calendar/unit, and more

Course Program of Study (CPoS)

With the implementation of the Course Program of Study (CPoS) reviewing process, an email account was created for advisors to send undergraduate transfer equivalency corrections/new equivalencies so Admissions can update the transfer database and update any student’s record that need correction. The entries will be available in Banner on SHATATR and this will then feed overnight to TEAM ( so everyone can see the correct equivalency.


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