ACM Application Process

If your major is already approved for residents of your state:

  1. You must apply to and be admitted to MTSU under a degree program that is not offered in your home state.
  2. You must complete and submit the required agreement form verifying that you understand the rules of ACM. Click here for the Undergraduate ACM Agreement Form. Click here the Graduate Student ACM Agreement Form. As soon as we receive and process this form, we will send an official verification of admissions letter to your home state ACM Coordinator and to you as well.
  3. You must request ACM certification from your home state. This allows you to show that your home state agrees that you are eligible to participate in ACM while attending MTSU. They will not process this until we send them the official verification of admissions letter from step 2.
  4. When your Home State Coordinator receives our verification and your application packet, he/she will provide you with an official certificate of eligibility. They will copy us on that correspondence. Once we receive that certificate, we will send you another email with your “official” approval of ACM status.

If your major is not on the list of approved programs:

  1. Verify that no public college or university in your home state offers a similar major. Only programs not offered in your home state can be included in the Academic Common Market.
  2. Review the ACM Guidelines for your home state. Click here for a list of ACM web pages in each state.
  3. Submit a request for ACM certification to your home state ACM Coordinator. Your state will also require certain documentation to verify state residency. Please refer to your state ACM coordinator for those requirements.
  4. If your program request is approved, please complete steps 1-4 under the top heading.

*Note*  MTSU does not have specific deadlines for submission of ACM applications and will accept applications up to the beginning of each semester. However, fee adjustments cannot be completed after the 14th day of the semester. Additionally, individual states may have their own ACM application deadlines in order to complete their eligibility reviews. Students should apply to the Academic Common Market as soon as they are admitted to MTSU and should consult with their home state ACM coordinator to determine deadlines and eligibility.