Bridgestone Americas (BSAM) teammates are now able to enroll in Middle Tennessee State University’s (MTSU) new leadership development program that can help teammates enhance their skills and even earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Leadership. MTSU developed this new program in collaboration with BSAM.

This program will enable teammates to pursue specific certificates or a college degree in an accelerated and flexible manner, taking into account their previous professional and academic experience and fitting into teammates’ personal schedules. The program, offered in English, is available to all teammates and is eligible for full tuition reimbursement through Bridgestone.

About the Applied Leadership Certificate Program (ALCP)

The Applied Leadership Certificate Program at MTSU provides up to four individual undergraduate certificates covering topics needed in today’s business environment:

  • Certificate in Leadership Theory
  • Certificate in Communication and Problem Solving
  • Certificate in Leading Teams
  • Certificate in Leading People and Managing Change

Each certificate consists of two seven-week long online courses and a one week onsite intensive training. 

How To Use the ALCP To Earn A Bachelor’s Degree

  • Students who obtain all four certificates (10 credit hours each for a total of 40 credit hours) and complete the other general education and elective requirements can earn the Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with an Applied Leadership Concentration.
  • Because every student will enter the program with a unique background, MTSU specialists can help you determine your specific requirements to finish your degree. You might be closer than you think!

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