Aerospace Innovative Research Seminar (AIRS)

 The Aerospace Innovative Research Seminars consist of MTSU Aerospace professors sharing their recent or ongoing research with other professors, students, and you! Links to presentation videos are provided. For more information on AIRS presentations feel free to contact the Aerospace Department.

FAR Part 107, Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (10/19/16)

2015 Pilot Source Study (2/9/17)

Flight Planning with Paper Charts versus Electronic Charts (3/29/17)

Safety Management System Overview and Hazard Analysis at a University Flight School (1/30/18); SMS PowerPoint

Lockheed Martin Overview and F-35 Flight Testing (4/5/18)

To apply for a flight lab, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Download and read the Additional Information Packet thoroughly and review the additional costs of flight labs.

Step 2:
Complete the “Lab Request Form” for the semester you wish to enroll within the application period specified.  You will receive an email confirmation of your submission.  Late or inaccurate submissions will be considered only after all other applications.

Fall Application
May 1 – June 30

Spring Application
Sept 1 – Nov 15 

Summer Application
Feb 1 – April 15

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