Air Traffic - Collegiate Training Initiative

Learn about the Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative

MTSU's Department of Aerospace has purchased and installed a 360 degree wrap around tower simulator and radar simulators! There are 4 new Air Traffic Control classes that utilize these simulators. Students must take these classes in this order (after academic advising):


AERO 3630: Introduction to Air Traffic Control
AERO 3631: Introduction to Air Traffic Control Lab (Fee Required)


AERO 3640: Air Traffic Control: Tower Operations
AERO 3641: Air Traffic Control: Tower Operations Lab (Fee Required)


AERO 4650: Air Traffic Control: TRACON Operations
AERO 4651: Air Traffic Control: TRACON Operations Lab (Fee Required)


AERO 4660: Air Traffic Control: En Route Operations
AERO 4661: Air Traffic Control: En Route Operations Lab (Fee Required)

Thank you for your interest in the Air Traffic - Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program at MTSU. We are one of thirty-five AT-CTI schools throughout the country that are participating in the Federal Aviation Administration's AT-CTI program designed to prepare young men and women like yourself to attend the FAA Training Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and become an Air Traffic Controller.

There is in increasing number of controllers that are reaching retirement age. Because of this there is a growing demand for highly-skilled people to take their place and develop the future of air traffic in the United States. To complete the AT-CTI program at MTSU you must complete the courses necessary to receive a Bachelor's degree in any of the six Aerospace concentrations: Airport Administration, Flight Dispatch, Maintenance Management, Professional Pilot, Technology, or Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations, or a Master's degree in Aviation Management.

The Air Traffic Control program prepares students for employment in air traffic control careers. This program can be added to each of the five undergraduate degrees or one of the two graduate degrees. The Air Traffic Control Program will offer instruction in: ATC phraseology, procedures, the radar environment, ATC regulations, aviation weather, and students will engage in ATC training using tower and radar simulators. There are optional tours throughout the year of Nashville (BNA), Memphis (MEM), and Atlanta (ATL) towers, the Atlanta (A80) Terminal Radar Approach Control, and Memphis (ZME) and Atlanta (ZTL) Air Route Traffic Control Centers. Students who complete MTSU's AT-CTI program will be eligible to bypass the 5-week basic training course at the FAA's Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center.

Students with no prior college experience should begin course work in the fall semester. However, new and transfer students may begin taking classes at the beginning of the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Early registration is strongly recommended. MTSU has no restrictions on age or physical condition of students entering into the program. However, students desiring employment with the Federal Aviation Administration should be aware of FAA employment requirements, such as:

Air traffic control specialist medical examination
Applicants must be hired by the FAA prior to their 31st birthday

Prospective students are required to read our AT-CTI information before contacting us for academic advising on the Air Traffic Control program. This document will give you a greater understanding of our program and make your academic advising easier. Due to the large number of students applying, especially those with college credit, the AT-CTI office will only evaluate transcripts of those students that have a previous bachelor's degree. All students that have college credit but have not received a bachelor's degree must use the Transfer Equivalency information.

It is also very important to follow all our ( ) recommendations once you become a student to ensure your academic and professional career progress as expected. Please read and fully understand our MTSU AT-CTI Student Handbook.

Located at the bottom of this page are forms that needed to be filled out and returned. Please complete the AT-CTI Enrollment Form, the Citizenship Form, the Personal Information Release Statement, the MTSU AT-CTI Student Handbook Contract and mail them to the following address:

Attn. AT-CTI Program
1301 East Main St.
MTSU Box 67
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

The AT-CTI office is not responsible for and can not help with admission to the university, housing, and tuition issues; please contact the appropriate university offices for their information. Please note that at no time in the AT-CTI program is any student guaranteed employment as an air traffic controller with the FAA.

Gail Zlotky
Middle Tennessee State University
AT-CTI Program Coordinator
Associate Professor

More information can be found at:

Click here for MTSU AT-CTI Student Handbook
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the AT-CTI
Click here to download and print forms