African Studies Minor

The 18-hour interdisciplinary minor in African Studies offers students the opportunity for systematic and comprehensive study of African arts, cultures, economies, geography, history, literature, politics, and religions. It also seeks to provide or enhance skills valuable in areas such as business, government, world affairs, media, education, and ecology.


Moses K. Tesi
Department of Political Science, PH 247


Requirements (18 hours):

1. PS 4180: African Politics (3 hours)
2. Any two of the following (6 hours):
ANTH 3514: Peoples and Cultures of Africa
GEOG 3470: Geography of Africa
HIST 4430: Sub-Saharan Africa
3. Electives (9 hours):
Students must distribute coursework across three or more disciplines. A student may take no more than six (6) hours toward the minor in a a single department.
ANTH 3514: People and Cultures of Africa
ART 4870: African Art
ECON 4470: Econ Development of the Third World
FREN 1010: Elementary French I
FREN 1020: Elementary French II
FREN 2010: Intermediate French I
FREN 2020: Intermediate French II
PORT 1010: Elementary Portuguese I
PORT 1020: Elementary Portuguese II
GEOG 3470: Geography of Africa
GS 2010: Intro to Cross-Cultural Experiences
GS 3010: Field Experience and Study Abroad
HIST: 3160: Study Abroad in Africa
HIST 4430: Sub-Saharan Africa
HIST 4810: History of Women in the Third World
PS 4260: Pol. Status of Women in the World
PS 3780: Study Abroad
PS 4390: Special Topics