D2L Course - Add, Remove, or Change User 

Samples of the use for this form are:

  • Someone will be building the content of your course (Add, Course Master/Designer/Developer)
  • A librarian will help within your D2L course (Add, Librarian)
  • You have someone who will review your development course (Add, Faculty Reviewer)
  • You have a peer faculty member who wants to use a copy of your course (Add, co-Instructor)
  • You have students who will assist with everything in your course (Add, TA)
  • You have someone who would like to look at your course as a student would see the course (Add, Student)
  • You have a student with an incomplete who needs to continue to work within a D2L course (Change, Incomplete student)
  • Someone was reviewing your course material and no longer needs to be in the course (Remove, REMOVAL)

Banner/Pipeline automatically adds and removes all officially enrolled and unenrolled students and adds all instructors into D2L courses. If for some reason what appears in Banner/Pipeline doesn't match what appears within D2L, feel free to use this form.

This needs to match the instructor in the D2L course or be a department chair.

Type in Dev if this is for a development course. Please include the year and Fall, Spring or Summer

Sample: HIST 1010 D03 NOTES: The section number must be included. You may list more than one course here but please give the corresponding CRNs in the next field.

Sample: 87243.201880 - typically the number starts with a 1 for spring courses, starts with a 5 for summer courses or starts with an 8 for fall courses. This number may be found in Pipeline or within the D2L My Courses Widget. NOTES: List more than one if you need to add the same person to several courses using the same role. List Dev here if the course is not a normal semester course.

Changing the role is typically to an incomplete student so they may continue to access course information after the end date of the D2L course.

Sample: John Doe; Mary Lamb; Robert Miller NOTE: You may list more than one person and their matching user information in the field below as long as everyone will get the same role.

If you listed more than one person, please give the corresponding usernames here for each person. If the person is a non-MTSU person, please list their "outside" email here and note "non-MTSU" beside the email.

See the bottom of the page for details about these roles.


Role information for this form

  • Student: This role typically is used if Banner/Pipeline didn't automatically add someone to the course.
  • Instructor: This role is typically assigned within Banner/Pipeline by the department once all official paperwork is complete. This could be a faculty member who needs full design and administration privileges for the course such as someone who is covering for the official Banner/Pipeline instructor for a short period of time.
  • Co-Instructor: An instructor set of permissions is granted but this person is not an official instructor in the course and will not be automatically enrolled as an instructor through Banner/Pipeline. Access to grades and course copying is permitted.
  • Course Master/Designer/Developer: A faculty member who is assigned to design a D2L course but will not be an instructor in that course.
  • Faculty Reviewer: A faculty member assigned viewing privileges to all aspects of a D2L course for auditing or approving design.
  • Librarian: MTSU librarian who will assist with the D2L course. Access is given to student communications, content and assignments.
  • TA: A student assigned Instructor privileges within a course.
  • TA Grader Only: A student who has access to assist with the grading portions of a course such as the gradebook, attendance, discussions, rubrics and dropbox. No editing of content is permitted - only viewing.
  • TA Design Access Only: A student who has been given access to only the content building portions of a course. No gradebook or grading access is permitted with this role.
  • Student Incomplete: This role is to be used with the CHANGE option for students who get an incomplete in a course but need to continue to have access to the D2L course to complete work beyond the D2L Course End Date.
  • Guest: A person assigned student viewing privileges only to see news and content and participate in discussions. No access to dropbox or quizzes is permitted.
  • REMOVAL: This role choice is to be used with the REMOVE option if you want this person(s) to be completely removed from the D2L course. (Remember official Banner/Pipeline removals are automatically removed from D2L.)



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