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MTSU TrueBlue Learning Header Area of D2L

D2L Login/Course Access

Access to D2L options:

  • URL: *Best approach*
  • MTSU Homepage, choose Quick Links, Choose D2L
  • Within Pipeline, Click D2L (along the very top right of the screen)

Browsers: Chrome typically gives best results. Firefox and Safari work well. Avoid Internet Explorer (it's not supported). Using a laptop or desktop will always give you the best experience. Mobile use is primarily intended for quick access when the laptop/desktop isn't readily available and generic mobile browsers may not give good results delivering D2L information.

Username & Password: Use your full Pipeline username. (E.g. and not By the way, when you change your password for Pipeline, it also automatically changes your password for D2L.

Course Access: Once logged into D2L, use the "My Courses" widget with the current semester selected along the top of that widget. Or use the "Select a Course" (9 boxes along the top of the screen). Students typically see the D2L course by the first day of the term. Some faculty open the D2L course 5 days before the start of the term. Other instructors choose to wait until the first day of the term. This is why not all courses show within D2L on the same day.
My Courses and Select a Course (9 boxes)

Courses for the current term will typically be the only courses you will see unless you have an incomplete for a course. The term's courses are no longer available typically 10 days after the last course day but some faculty may close the course using different timing.

Navigation - My Home/Course Home

My Home: (click the home icon in the upper left of the screen)

  1. Find your courses
  2. Access D2L Email
  3. Access ePortfolio
  4. Student Support Resources (including ITD Helpdesk: 615-898-5345)
  5. Various alerts
  6. Click your name to adjust: D2L profile, notifications and account settings and Log Out of D2L
    D2L My Home Options

Course Home: (click the phrase Course Home once you are working within a course to be taken to the landing spot for a course)

Typically you will find:

  1. Course Navigation bar (navbar) including Course Home, Content, Assessment options, Communication options, Help, ePortfolio
  2. Course News and/or other course "widgets" of helpful links
  3. Course Assessment options: Discussions, Dropbox, Grades, Quizzes, and more
  4. Course Communication options: Chat, Classlist, Discussions, Email and more 
  5. Course Banner Image (some instructors do not use this option)
    Typical D2L Course Home


Course Tools - Student Tips

Content - Find the Syllabus, Course Material, Schedule, Course Work

  1. Click Content on the navbar to be taken to your course materials.  Some instructors will fill in the Overview and Course Schedule and others will give that type of information within the Table of Contents.
  2. Use the Table of Contents to move through the various course materials. Often the Table of Contents will be organized by week or by unit. Ask your instructor if you have any trouble finding information.
  3. Likely the first thing you will look for is the course syllabus which should be found within one of the first pieces of either the overview or the Table of Contents.

 D2L Content Area


Why don't I see some of the course material? Instructors may choose to release material based on performance on a quiz or having previewed something else first. Be sure to follow the directions and complete work as directed. For instance, Unit 1 material may not be released until you receive 100% on a syllabus quiz.




  1. Access to the discussions may typically be found under Assessments and under Communication. Both go to the same place. Some instructors may provide links straight to the appropriate discussion from within a piece of Content.
  2. Instructors may provide discussion topics for student participation either as individuals or within groups. Click the title of the discussion topic to click "Start a New Thread" or click someone else's posting to click "Reply" and write a response. The discussion area might be used for all types of things including technical resources, project sharing, library assistance and more. 

The D2L Discussions Area  Discussions - Start a Thread



Why doesn't it seem like anyone is posting to the discussion board? Instructors often choose to have students make their post before they are permitted to see other student's posts. The best thing to do is post within the defined timeline as described by the instructor so as to meet deadlines.

Why am I not able to participate in the discussion any more? Instructors might lock a discussion around certain dates. You will not be able to participate in the discussion outside of these dates. You will be able to review the locked discussion but not participate. Sometimes the discussions are set to become unviewable after certain dates too. Be sure to participate according to the course schedule of times is always the best plan.

Where do I find my score for my discussion participation? Instructors who assess your discussion participation might use a rubric for scoring. You may find that score by clicking within the grades area to find your overall score and any feedback or by clicking Class Progress under Assessments and then clicking the appropriate Discussions area.


Dropbox - Submit your Digital Assignments, Find Instructor Feedback, Rubric Results

  1. Access to the D2L Dropbox is typically under the Assessments option on the course navbar. Some instructors may provide links straight to the appropriate dropbox from within a piece of Content.
  2. Dropboxes where you haven't made a submission will have a 0 in the submissions column
  3. Dropboxes that have submissions will have a 1 or higher number in the submissions column and potentially View Feedback in the Feedback column if your instructor has graded your work.
    D2L Dropbox Area



My file isn't uploading to the dropbox. What can I do? First, once successful, you'll get a receipt in your D2L email that the file was submitted successfully. Look for that to be sure your file has been submitted successfully.

For problems:

  • Check the filename. Be sure there are no strange characters. The best rule of thumb is to use letters and numbers only. Sometimes just resaving the file with a new simple name and then reuploading works.
  • Be sure the file is less than 40mb. D2L dropbox doesn't accept files bigger than that. 
  • We often suggest trying another computer. Historically, macs have had a few problems uploading files so we suggest trying to get on a Windows machine if you experience problems uploading. Chrome is typically the best browser to use.
  • Notify your teacher if you are having problems to keep them informed. They may accept the file in another way.

Where can I find my instructor's comments/rubrics on my paper? Click the Assessments/Dropbox and then click the View Feedback link next to the dropbox item. The resulting screen may have overall comments, rubric results, a score and a View Inline Feedback link to click for review. View Inline Feedback will open Turnitin's Feedback Studio and instructor evaluation markings may be found there. These same things might be accessed within the Grades area if the instructor has setup the dropbox to flow this information into a D2L grade item.
D2L Dropbox View Inline Feedback for Grademark evaluations


Email & Classlist - Communicate with Instructor or Classmates

  1. To send an email within D2L: Click Communication and then Classlist to be presented with the names of fellow students and the instructor of each course. Click the instructor name to send an email to the instructor. Click another student's name to send an email to them. Email sent this way will be housed within D2L. It isn't possible to use the email feature in D2L to send email outside of D2L. Recipients will need to check their D2L email inbox to find your email. (Note: Use your mtmail instead of your D2L email to send email to or addresses.)
  2. To see the D2L profile of other people: Click the person's picture within Classlist to see their D2L profile of information or to edit your own profile.
    D2L Classlist Area


Where do I find my email that is housed in D2L? Click the Email option within My home or under the Communication options of a course navbar. Click the Inbox and choose a Filter By: All Messages to see every email that has arrived to this D2L Inbox. Click the subject of the message to view the contents. You may need to use scroll bars to move around. This email is separate from your mtmail which you still need to check for other correspondence.

Access D2L email  Email Interface within D2L

Is there a way to email my instructor within D2L? Check the syllabus for the preferred way to communicate with the instructor and use that method to communicate.

If using email within D2L is the preferred method, click the course name, then click communication/classlist, then click the instructor's name to compose and send an email.

If the instructor wants you to email their email account. Login to your mtmail account and send an email to the instructor via that interface.

My D2L email doesn't seem to be working. It is giving me an error. What do I do? Typically this is because a quiz has been started but not finished. Look under your alerts area (upper right - icons to the left of your name) and find the unfinished quiz to complete. Your email will likely work after you have finished and submitted the quiz. 

So do I need to check email in 2 places - D2L and MTMail? Yes! Any official communication from the Records department or the like will arrive at your MTMail but Instructors may use D2L email and that is only housed within D2L under the Email link.

ePortfolio - Design a Site to Showcase your Accomplishments

Access ePortfolio either on the D2L My Home page or by using the ePortfolio link on a D2L course navbar.

Access to D2L ePortfolio


How do I learn to use the ePortfolio tool? Review this Lib Guide for all sorts of assistance. This was created by Ryan Griffin from MTSU for MTSU students.

How long after I graduate may I use this ePorfolio tool? Seniors may want to look in myDesire2Learn for options to continue to use the ePortfolio.



  1. Access to course grades is typically found in the course navbar under Assessments. Click Grades.
  2. Typically there will be a column displaying the grades for each item within the course gradebook.
  3. Sometimes an extra column will show with feedback and access to graded rubrics for discussions or dropboxes. Also found in this column are Instructor's Inline Feedback or comments on your digital papers.
    D2L Grades Area




Quizzes - Testing done Online, Scores

  1. Access to quizzes is typically found in the course navbar under AssessmentsSome instructors may provide links straight to the appropriate quiz from within a piece of Content. Click the quiz name to begin the quiz.
  2. Note any time limits on quizzes and be sure to allow yourself a good setting to complete the quiz within the allotted time. A timer continually runs once you click Start Quiz. You can't exit the quiz and reenter to have time restart or pause. It will continue to run from the first moment you click Start Quiz.
  3. Quiz answers are automatically saved as you fill in the answers. Be sure to submit the quiz within the time limits (if set).
  4. Be sure to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari when taking a quiz and avoid using cell phones when possible. IE should be avoided it has known issues during quizzing.

D2L Quizzing Area  D2L Quiz Autosaves and


What do I do since my quiz didn't get submitted and my computer seemed to freeze? Try to go back into the quiz if time hasn't expired. It may let you back in. If time has expired, you'll need to contact the instructor.

NOTE about quizzes in progress: You should finish all quizzes since email within D2L will not function while a quiz is in progress.

How do I see feedback on a quiz essay/written response question? Click the dropdown next to the quiz name (under Assessment) and choose the Submissions option. You will see your Attempt 1 along with the score. Click the Attempt 1 option to open the quiz to scroll and review your results including the feedback on your essay questions.

Quiz dropdown click submissions

Click Attempt 1 to see more about the quiz and feedback on individual items




My question is not answered here. What do I do?

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