Fixer Upper: Renovating Your Instructional Design Process

Why Renovate Your Instructional Design Process?

Fixer Uppper - Renovating Your Instructional Design Process

Small changes can make a house into a home. Similarly, small enhancements to your classroom materials can create an inviting space for students to enjoy learning. Explore research-based tips for renovating your instructional design process to create a more engaging and purposeful experience for your students. Whether you are updating your in-class PowerPoint or refurbishing your D2L course content, remember to look at elements of design including: color, text, layouts, images, sound quality and scripts Examine areas of your instructional design that may need a little fixing up!

Sample: Before/After Slide Renovation

Before Slide  Updated slide with color to highlight the slide and people to bring life. It also lists Jessica's wants and Michael's wants and the combined wants.

Example Video

In our live workshop, we showed the following video to highlight some changes that we are recommending. Note the custom template, attractive color palette, engaging and meaning images, effective text positioning, and understandable script and audio.

Text Tips

Color Tips

Template Tips

  • Resource: SlideCarnival - Variety in Ppt templates
    • Look within the template slides for usage/help info
      • Changing colors, background, font, etc.
      • Icons and shapes 
      • Layout options

Image Tips

Making the Most of the PowerPoint Notes Pane

  • Value of the Notes Pane:  F2F or video
    • Using the Notes Pane in presentation mode
    • If your goal is to create a video from your presentation, you probably have an outline of the script already created if you've used the Notes Pane in your presentation. For each slide, imagine that you are sitting with a student and trying to explain the essentials through dialog. Type out your side of the dialog into the Notes Pane, using your previous talking points as a starting place. Once you have explained the essentials for each slide, think about how your slideshow might fit a story arc. Telling a story in a video isn't a necessity, but you do want to include something that helps the viewer remember the information. Rattling off facts is not effective. Again, think about how you would convey the essential information to someone across the table. That's how you want to come across in the video.

Audio Production Tips

Video Producation Tips - Camtasia/PowerPoint

Video Publishing/Delivery Sites


Research and Articles

Nine Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning 

Does teaching with PowerPoint increase students' learning? A meta-analysis  

Top 10 slide tips

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Vanderbilt University - Making better powerpoint presentations 

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