Bomb Threats - Administrative Responsibilities

Department Head, Manager, and Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. When informed that their department or building has received a bomb threat, department heads, managers, and supervisors should do the following:
  2. Make sure that the MTSU Police Department has been notified. If they haven't been notified, contact MTSU Police dispatch at 2424 and provide the following information:
    1. Who received the bomb threat. (Officers will want to talk with the person who received the original call).
    2. The exact time the threat came in.
    3. What department or area was threatened.
  3. Have all personnel in their area look around to determine whether they see anything unusual or different such as a box or bag that does not belong in their work area. THEY SHOULD NOT TOUCH ANY ITEM THAT IS NOT IDENTIFIABLE TO THEIR WORK AREA. If they find anything, they should contact MTSU Police dispatch at 2424 immediately and provide the following information:
    1. Name and phone extension
    2. Location
    3. Location of the suspicious item
    4. Description of the item (shape, size, color, etc.)
      They should secure the area around the item by asking all persons to leave the area or room. No one should be allowed to re-enter until emergency personnel arrive.
      Evacuate only if directed by the MTSU President, Provost, Vice President of Student Affairs, Vice President of Finance and Administration, MTSU Police, MTSU Safety Officer, or Murfreesboro Fire Department. Departmental evacuation procedures should be followed.
  4. If directed to evacuate, assist police or fire personnel to secure facilities to insure the safety of all staff and students.
  5. Do not pull the fire alarm. Emergency personnel may activate the fire alarm system to assist in evacuation, but only after they evaluate the circumstances and location of the threat.
  6. Provide calm leadership for colleagues. Speak slowly and distinctly when giving instructions. The main consideration is a safe and orderly evacuation of the area or building until it is found to be safe to re-enter.
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