Bomb Threat Objects

Suspicious Object Located

NOTE: It is imperative that personnel involved in the search be instructed that their mission is only to search for and report suspicious objects. NOT to move, jar or touch the objects or anything attached thereto. The removal/disarming of a bomb must be left to professional Bomb Technicians.

  1. The location and a description of the object as can best be provided, should be reported to the command post. This information is relayed immediately to the incident commander.
  2. To minimize damage sandbags or mattresses, but not metal plates or objects, may be placed around the object. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COVER THE OBJECT.
  3. The danger area should be identified, and blocked off with a clear zone of at least 300 feet, including areas below and above the object.
  4. Check to see that all doors and windows are open to minimize primary damage from blast and secondary damage from fragmentation.
  5. Evacuate the building.
  6. Do not permit re-entry into the building until the device has been removed/disarmed, and the building declared safe for re-entry.
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