Biennial 2022: An Art and Design Faculty Exhibit

Biennial 2022: An Art and Design Faculty Exhibit

Your Invitation to the Faculty Exhibit with Artist Reception and Talk!

The MTSU Department of Art and Design is pleased to announce an exhibition of selected works by its professors entitled Biennial 2022: A Faculty Exhibition. Scheduled in the Todd Art Gallery, Todd Hall, Room 224A, faculty work opens the department's fall show calendar and is available to the public from August 22 to September 10, 2022.

Representing the department's course areas of Art Education, Foundations, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Studio Art, which includes Ceramics, Painting, Print Media, and Sculpture, the Biennial showcases a unique fusion of art from the department's many components. Those participating include Erin Anfinson, Michael Baggarly, Stefanie Cobb, Doug Dabbs, Kimberly Dummons, Kelsey Duncan, Houston Fryer, Jarrod Houghton, Sisavanh Houghton, Noël Lorson, Mark McLeod, Paige Medlock, Jimmy Mumford, Jean Nagy, Melissa Newman, Kathleen O'Connell, Tony Rodriguez, Nick Satinover, Gypsy Schindler, Sheri Selph, and Stephanie Simkin. The exhibit is multi-purposed in its presentation. On a basic level, it introduces the artwork of newer faculty to Art and Design students, MTSU's campus, and the larger community. And concurrently, it showcases the continuing artistic pursuits of the department's more senior professors. Thus, it offers attendees a full range of opportunities to witness a striking and expressive statement of contemporary visual art found at MTSU.

As a focused student endeavor, this exhibit intends to engage its viewers, whether university students or lifelong learners, in what Dr. Paige Medlock, Art Education, sees as visual art's cultural significance. It] creates a space where viewers can pause, reflect, and shift the way they see themselves, their context, the artwork, and the artist's context, and potentially allow a new perspective to shed light on thinking and being in the world.

A reception for Biennial 2022 is scheduled for 2–2:45 p.m., Wednesday, August 31, at Todd Art Gallery, MTSU Todd Hall. Art and Design's new Chair, Jimmy Mumford, is set to speak, offering his observations on the exhibit, his personal artistic philosophy, background, and participating in Q&A.