External Audits or Reviews

If you are contacted by an external party requesting to schedule any type of audit or external review, please contact Audit and Consulting Services by phone at 615-898-2914 or email audit@mtsu.edu or complete the online reporting form.

MTSU Policy 70 Internal Audit requires that Audit and Consulting Services coordinate work with external auditors, program reviewers, and consultants. To facilitate these responsibilities, please forward any notices of reviews to Audit and Consulting Services. This communication is important for informing the Audit and Compliance Committee of the MTSU Board of Trustees. The Audit and Compliance Committee is responsible for audit issues reported in the University's external audits or reviews and for ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. If you have any questions about external audits or reviews, please contact the Office of Audit and Consulting Services.

External Reports: 
Copies of any reports as a result of an external audit or review should be forwarded to Audit and Consulting Services.



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