Taskforce on Guide to Best Practices

MTSU Image This Guide for Best Practices for Academic Program Analysis and Improvement was developed by the MTSU Best Practices Task Force. The guide provides MTSU faculty and departments an effective tool to use in the assessment of their academic programs. These assessment activities are an integral part of fully implementing MTSU's Performance Funding Assessment Implementation Plan.

Dr. Robert Eaker, Interim Executive Vice President and Provost, appointed the Task Force in January, 2003, to promote dialogue across disciplines about effective assessment processes and to create this guide. The members of the Task Force were selected from departments that have excelled on multiple assessment program measurements or have made significant progress in program assessment. Dr. Terry Weeks, Professor of Educational Leadership and an expert on curriculum development, served as chair of the Task Force. Task Force members included:

  • Dr. Larry Burriss, Professor and Interim Director of the School of Journalism and Strategic Media
  • Chris Haseleu, Professor and Chair of Recording Industry
  • Dr. Pam Holder, Professor of Nursing and Associate Dean of Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Dr. Richard Mpoyi, Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing
  • Dr. Don Nelson, Professor of Mathematical Sciences
  • Dr. Tom Strawman, Professor of English
  • Dr. Paula Thomas, Professor and Interim Chair of Accounting
  • Dr. John Vile, Professor and Chair of Political Science
  • Dr. Delmar Walker, Professor and Chair of Human Sciences

Ex officio members:

  • Fay Parham, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research
  • Faye Johnson, Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Provost

You are invited to share your department's best practices to be posted on the Best Practices website. Submit your suggestions and site additions to Fay Parham at fparham@mtsu.edu.