About JCB Information Technology Services

Lead, service and Inspire. We lead by researching, testing and deploying the latest technologies to enhace the educational and learning experience of all our students. We provide information technology services and support to students, faculty, and staff within the College of Business. We are committed to offer friendly & professional services to complement, enhance and extend learning experiences and to support community oriented initiatives. We look to provide strategic services to all college units and patrons by working with them to facilitate the integration of innovative technologies to increase productivity and learning. We use technology to inspire innovation, collaboration and improvement in all aspects of our daily activities. 

Our Key Values are:

Product Leadership

Customer Commitment

Operational Excellence

By fostering the use of technology and creating innovative, value-added services to support JCB Mission.

By providing top quality services and professional level support to all our patrons.

By leveraging state of the art technologies and sound methodologies to achieve best practices in all our services.


Current Projects

  • Room Reservation Displays for BAS Univesiry Lab
  • New Gen Signage for BAS University Lab

Completed Projects

  • Power BI Business Lab Stats Dashboard update - Fall 2018
  • Master Classroom Desktop Replacement - Fall 2018
  • Faculty Desktop Replacement - Fall 2018
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Training for Faculty/Staff - Fall 2018
  • Lecture Ready Classrooms: S307 & S343 - TAF Summer 2018
  • LabHub/Laptop System FSA Active Directory Authetication - Spring 2018
  • Midgett Recognition Wall - Fall 2017
  • Event: Lunch & Learn - Top Hat - Fall 2017
  • Event: Technology Showcase, Proctorio & Digiexam - Fall 2017
  • Migration to Campus Printer Management System (Lab and Classrooms) - Fall 2017
  • Green Screen Production Services - Spring 2017
  • Rubi Robot Services - Fall 2016
  • JCB Studio (BAS S278) - Spring 2016
  • FSA Domain Server Migration - Fall 2015
  • JCB Technology Showcase - Research Technologies - Fall 2015
  • JCB Faculty Learning Community (D2L) Updates - Summer 2015
  • Financial Trading Room Remodeling - Summer 2015
  • Server / Application Virtualization
  • JCB D2L Course Template - Summer 2015
  • Advisors' Scheduling - Summer 2015
  • Sales Lab Signage - Summer 2015
  • Sales Lab Remodeling - Fall 2015
  • Advisors' Signage - Summer 2015
  • Lab Huddle Spaces - Summer 2015
  • Lab Remodeling - Summer 2015
  • JCBSurvey  (Qualtrics)
  • iPad Class Program
  • Team Study Room
  • BAS Directory (Touch Screens)
  • BAS Digital Signage


Working in the BAS Computer Lab gives you opportunities to gain a variety of skills. 
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