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Panopto is a powerful video management system that allows you to create video presentations, capture lectures, add narrations to presentations, etc. Panopto is available to all Jones College of Business faculty, staff and students. You can use Panopto in the classroom, in your office or at home. Use Panopto to deliver a flexible, easy to use, interactive and engaging class!



Panopto Information

With Panopto you can:

  •  Capture Classroom Lectures
  • Record Videos for your classes (office, home or anywhere)
  • Record with multiple streams (multiple cameras and screens)
  • Assign Student Presentations (students record with any device and from  anywhere)
  • Search any word on slides, screen or presenter speech
  • Generate Table of Contents from PowerPoint slides
  • Add bookmarks and notes (public or private)
  • Playback recordings on any device (web browser or mobile device)
  • Automatic Speech-to-Text translation to help with closed-captioning
  • Generate video access statistics for all your content 

Recording-Ready BAS Classrooms

  • N127
  • S202 (1BS+), S278
  • S305, S307, S336, S343
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Panopto Checklist

  • Log into D2L and access your classes content
  • Add the Panopto Recordings link (see instructions in the Quick Start for Faculty link below)
  • Click the Panopto Recordings link (this provisions a Panopto folder for your class recordings)
  • Download and install the Panopto Recorder to your computer 
  • Click on Create then  Record a New Session 
  • Select your Primary Video Source (optional)
  • Check your microphone volume level in the Panopto software
    • Select your microphone under the Primary Source section
  • Check your Secondary Capture Sources
    • Select Capture Main or Seconday Screen to capture your computer's desktop (optional)
    • You can also capture two (or more) screens, such as a USB Documnent Camera.
For more detailed information refer to the Quick Start Tutorials below.

Panopto Equipment

Recommended equipment. Click here for device check out request.  

  • Web Cameras: Logitech B910 HD USB
                               Logitech C920 HD USB
                               Logitech PTZ Camera USB
  • Document Cameras: Ziggi HD USB
                                         Kodak NuScan Q800 US
  • Microphones: Xtag Wireless Lapel Microphone
                            Samson XPD2 USB
                            MXL ProCon Series AC-404 USB (small room)
  • Tripods: SunPak 6601 UT
  • Light and Stand Kit: Neweer 660 LED Light & Stand Kit
  • Mobile A/V Kits (all-in-one)





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If you have any questions or issues with devices not working, or have specific questions about the Panopto software, please contact