Testimonials - Stress Management (Yoga)

Here are just a few testimonials from recent yoga classes offered by CALA:

"It has been a great experience taking this yoga class at MTSU.  The dedication, patience and willingness of the teachers are absolutely wonderful."   
--Dr. Mohan Rao, Mechanical Engineering Department Chair, Tennessee Technological University 

"After my first session I felt really 'energized' and positive, and that feeling lasted with me the whole day.  It really makes me want to continue the practice on my own, as well as come to future classes so that I can learn other practices to keep that feeling."  --Eric O., MTSU Graduate Student

"I enjoyed the class in that a very useful tool was given to me.  I appreciate the thoroughness of all the instructions.  I found the class to be very inspiring as well as humbling."  --Japheth D., MTSU Undergraduate Student

"I found the Upa Yoga class both enjoyable and challenging. Although I have been taking yoga classes in the Murfreesboro area for 8 or 9 years, I have never taken a class that provided the comprehensive instruction upon which to continue an outside class practice. The six hour course that I took last weekend will allow me to reach a much higher level in my personal yoga practice.  I think that yoga could be a wonderful addition to the MTSU curriculum in many fields, as well as to the community of Murfreesboro."  --Leslie C., Attorney

"As a current nursing student and full-time mom I am under a lot of stress.  I am a retired law enforcement officer and thought I had a handle on how to cope with stress, but I found myself having chest pains trying to keep up with life.  I took the two-day Surya Kriya class and felt anxious about taking the time out of my schedule to do it.  The entire drive there the first day I kept thinking about tests, deadlines, and upcoming events.  Our instructor [Rishi] was great about getting me to relax and settle in.  I found that it was so peaceful following his voice.  At the end of the first day I knew I wanted to come back for the next day despite my time constraints."  --Chrissi J., Student Nurse

"The yoga practices I learned this weekend are unlike any that I have encountered in my ten years of doing yoga.  These classes intensively focus on the mind and the breath.  We do poses, but they are almost secondary to what I describe as a focus inward.  This kind of yoga and its inward emphasis on the mind and the breath could change the lives of the students that I will teach.  These are students in high-needs schools who have overwhelming personal problems.  I think it will greatly enhance my teaching practice.  I am excited to add this to my tools and techniques for being better at my profession."  --Jessi B., Graduate Student

"Being in a line of work where you can easily put everyone and everything before you and your well-being, the Upa Yoga Class was exactly what I needed!  Signing up for the class I thought it was going to be like any other yoga class--doing cool challenging yoga moves, balances and stretches while in a sweat box!  Well it was quite the opposite.  In taking this class, I was able to get back to the fundamentals that make yoga so effective.  Finding that Oneness with Self, through balancing both the Mind and Body.  I am extremely grateful for my instructors for re-energizing my passion.  I look forward to coming back to my next class!  --Kelman E., Founder and CEO of Championtone Fitness 

"The Surya Kriya class was everything I wanted and more.  I have taken yoga classes off and on over the past 25 years with a variety instructors in a variety of venues.  For all of those hours spent practicing with a teacher I have never felt I had the tools to practice on my own.  The weekend course I took with [Rishi] Purcell promised to help me develop my own practice and indeed it has.  Instead of just giving me instructions and moving dutifully from pose to pose, the method taught me how to sequence and achieve the poses with appropriate mindfulness when there is not an instructor beside me.  Modeling, visualization, and guided practice are just some of the methods that were incorporated into the instruction . . . I am looking forward to incorporating yoga practice into my daily life and deepening my practice."  --Georganne R., University Professor

"I was really nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect, but after the first session with [Rishi] I was hooked.  My favorite part about this yoga practice is that I get to do the routine on my own at my very own house.  One thing I didn’t expect out of this yoga is how much it affected my mind and focus. I honestly feel more energized and more alert throughout the day.  Not only do I feel more relaxed physically but mentally as well.  [Rishi] is truly a fantastic instructor.  I can tell he loves what he is doing and really passionate about it . . . which is one of the reasons that I want to keep coming back to his class.  It is worth every penny!”  --Joanne T., Physical Therapy Doctoral Student

I consider [my yoga class] a very valuable weekend.  Everything was well organized and we appreciate the guidance (and patience!).  My goal was to learn a system of practice that I could continue on my own and the weekend certainly satisfied that goal . . . . I would definitely recommend the experience to others.  I really appreciate [your] taking this on--it's a great service to the community.  --Phil W., University Administrator

“This class was so enlightening. This was my first experience practicing yoga, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for your patience and professionalism!” 
--Caylen S., Development Director, Free for Life

“It was a very well-balanced class that offered me the skills that I can take to my own practice. I feel rejuvenated and restored from the class. Thank you so much, Rishi!” 
--Gabriella T., Executive Director and CEO, Free for Life

“I really enjoyed the entire experience of the class. It was a great step-by-step for beginners, and I liked how applicable the practices were to everyday life.” 
--Katie T., Administrative Specialist, Free for Life


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