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Weight Room

The Weight room has a large variety of equipment for both free weight as well and plate loaded machine exercises.

Free weight equipment includes dumbells, squat racks, bench press (including incline and decline benches), and barbells to name a few. 

Our plate-loaded strength equipment allows participants to get a great strength-training workout in without the need for a partner or a spotter. Each piece can be used with both limbs at a time, one limb at a time, or alternating, with different weights for each. Weights are stored on the side of each piece for maximum convenience.

Selectorized equipment uses weight stacks, where the user can choose how much weight he or she wants by inserting a key into the stack. Selectorized equipment also follows a fixed movement pattern

Need help using the weight room equipment? Check out our videos on our YouTube for instructions and tips on how to better use the equipment!

For specific equipment videos, follow these links!

Hammer Strength Chest Press Hammer Strength Decline Chest Press Hammer Strength High Row
Hammer Strength Bicept Curl Hammer Strength Incline Chest Press Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
Hammer Strength  Tricep  Isolated Kneeling Curl Life Fitness Calf Extension
Life Fitness Seated Leg Press MTS High Row MTS Leg Extension
MTS Row   Clean Your Machines!


Cardio Room

The Cardio room has a wide variety of machines to help your cardiovascular workout. Machines include, stair mills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, lateral trainers and treadmills. 

Functional Fitness Room

We are very excited about the Functional Fitness room which is our newest addition to our fitness facilities. Equipment in this room includes Squat Racks with bumper plates for olympic lifts, kettle bells, TRX, core bags, medicine balls, and a battle rope to name few. 



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