Campus Planning / Construction Administration FAQs

Q. What is the office contact information?

Q. What services do you provide?
A. Campus Planning oversees the planning and development of the campus built environment. The department is responsible for the execution of capital projects beginning with the early planning stages and continuing through completion of construction.

Q. What is a "capital project";?
A. Please see the Guide Documents, Definition of Capital Project for a complete definition of project types. These documents are State Building Commission policies.

Q. What is the difference between the services of Campus Planning and Facilities Services?
A. Campus Planning is responsible for long-range facilities planning, the development of projects over $100,000 in total project cost, and projects requiring State Building Commission approval. Facilities Services is responsible for building maintenance, energy services, custodial services, capital construction administration, and small renovation projects under $100,000 in total project costs.

Q. I am a faculty or staff member at MTSU, and I would like to do a small renovation project with minor construction, furnishings and other maintenance items. Who should I contact?
A. Begin by verifying support for your project and project funding source through your department chair. If the space is existing, contact Construction/Renovation Services, 615-898-5699 for information about getting started. If the space currently does not exist, and you are proposing new space, please contact CPCA.

Q. What are the projects currently underway? Who is the designer, and what is the scope of the project?
A. Please contact if you do not see a specific project or you have other questions about a project. You can also call our office and ask to speak with the project manager.

Q. I am interested in bidding on an upcoming capital construction project. Who should I contact?
A. Please contact the designer for the project directly. All capital projects are bid through CPCA at the Middle Tennessee State University.

Q. I am a furniture sales rep or other equipment vendor, and would like to provide services to the campus. Who should I contact?
A. MTSU Procurement Services maintains a list of bidders for particular goods and services for all bid packages that are released from the campus. You can contact them at 615-898-2944 for additional information. If you are interested in a specific capital project, you can also contact the CPCA project manager directly, or the designer for the project. In general, furnishings and movable equipment are specified by CPCA, and building materials and fixed equipment are specified by the designer for the project.

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