The Jones College of Business launched its Professionalism Initiative in Fall 2018 with a goal of helping our students develop the "It Factor" that employers demand.  Following an extensive development process that began with conversations with stakeholders, proceeded to the Undergraduate Programs Committee, and eventually evolved to include a special Professionalism Working Group, the faculty in the Jones College developed a working definition of Professionalism that has been incorporated into the Jones College's operational model.  The goal of the Professionalism Initiative is to make Professionalism a core part of the organization's culture.  The Jones College of Business's working definition of Professionalism follows.

  •  The Jones College of Business is a professional school.  In the Jones College of Business, students will demonstrate Professionalism, which includes these behaviors:
    • A solid work ethic demonstrated by preparation, punctuality, participation, and productivity;
    • Respectful and courteous interaction with others;
    • Ethical conduct; and
    • Professional deportment highlighted by business-appropriate dress, diction, and demeanor.

This statement is part of the Jones College syllabus templates.  Instructors are strongly encouraged to include their individual expectations regarding the dimensions of Professionalism outlined above and the accountability factor associated with each.

In fact, the Jones College is so serious about the Professionalism Initiative that it adopted a stand-alone Professionalsim student learning goal in the BBA program.  The MBA program has also adopted significant experiences related to Professionalism.

The Jones College's commitment to Professionalism also includes signage (designed by Sally Govan) posted in every classroom that reminds all members of the Jones College community that Professionalism is a part of everything we do:

Professionalism Poster Image


Dr. Christine Porath has delivered an excellent TED Talk regarding the value of Respectful and Courteous Interactions with Others.  Watch the video here:



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