College of Basic and Applied Sciences Advising Center

The Advising Center for the College of Basic and Applied Sciences provides undergraduate students with advising by professional advisors who assist students in developing an educational plan consistent with career and personal objectives leading to timely and successful graduation.

The Advising Center is located in DSB 120 and advisors and staff can be reached at 615-898-2495.

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Staff List

Jennifer Danylo Advising Manager
Rachel Brock Graduation Analyst
Eric B. Miller Advising Manager - Pre-professional Health Science
Lindsey Reynolds Secretary


Advisor List

Department and/or Major  

Eric Miller
Eric B. Miller

  • Allied Health Technology- All Students
  • Medical School Early Acceptance Program - All Students
  • Pre-professional Health Sciences Students in 3+1 programs - All Students

Jon Buchalski

  • Pre-professional Health Sciences - Students with majors outside of CBAS
  • Allied Health Science - Students with majors outside of CBAS
  • Biochemistry - Last Names O-Z

James R. Wicks
James R. Wicks

  • Aerospace - All Students:
    • Flight Dispatch
    • Maintenance Mgmt.
    • Aviation Mgmt.
    • Technology
    • UAS Operations

Amanda Custers
Amanda Doss

  • Aerospace - All Students
    • Professional Pilot

Jessica Lance
Jessica Lance

  • Agriculture - All Students
    • Animal Science
    • Horse Science
    • Plant & Soil Science
    • Fermentation Science

Doug Adams
Doug Adams



Renee Robbins

Renee Robbins



Beth Bonner
Beth Bonner


Kim Stephens
Kim Stephens


Irina Novozhilova
Dr. Irina Novozhilova


Jennifer Danylo
Jennifer Danylo


Kristin Chapman
Kristen Janson


Hannah Trea
Hannah Trea 


SWassomSusanna Wassom


Bailey Schneider
Bailey Schneider


Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams

  • Mathematical Sciences - All Students
  • Physics & AstronomyAll Students
  • If you are a Physics Major or if you are minoring in Physics or Astronomy, please contact Dr. Ron Henderson at

    If you are a Math Major, please contact your faculty advisor. Your faculty advisor can be found through Pipeline by clicking on RAIDERNET, the STUDENT tab, the REGISTRATION link, and the ASSIGNED ADVISORS link. If you do not have a faculty advisor assigned, please notify the Math Department in KOM 223 or by calling (615) 898-2669.

    If you are minoring in Mathematics, please contact the CBAS Advising Center at 615.898.2495 to schedule an appointment with Jennifer Danylo. ‚Äč




  • All Students
    • Prescribed
    • Probation
    • Programming
    • Recruitment

College of Basic and Applied Sciences Advising

Phone: 615-898-2495
Fax: 615-898-2615
Mail: MTSU Box 66, 1301 E. Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37132