Internship Information

Concrete Industry Management and Construction Management students are required an internship as part of their graduation requirements.  Students work with the department to find a suitable opportunity or to get approval of an opportunity they may have found and register for CIM 3300 or CMT 3300 to get credit for their work experience.  Below is information on the process, approval and requirements for both students and employers:

Student Information and Forms

Concrete Industry Management and Commercial Construction Management students are required to work 400 internship hours to earn the required 6 academic hours of internship (CIM or CCM 3300); Land Development/Residential Building majors are required 3 academic hours or to work 200 internship hours. Students may work full-time for a fall or spring semester (around 600 working hours) to earn up to 9 hours of CIM 3300 credit; you must have elective credit remaining on your upper division form, see your Faculty Internship Coordinator for information.

Employer Information and Evaluation Form

Internship Coordinator by Major and Concentration: