CRUX REU 2022 Highlights

The CRUX-REU cohort of 2022 enjoyed a COVID-free summer including an online introduction to each other, the 8 mentors, and X-ray diffraction theory and applications.  They spent most of their time on high level research projects and professional development and assembling a portfolio including a resume, abstract, poster and report. They also had plenty of time for recreation, tours at a local brewery and Oak Ridge National Lab, testing of augmented reality headsets, and interactions with participants in another REU program.

CRUX REU 2022 class

CRUX REU 2022: (Left to right) Jaden Watkins (Otterbein College, OH), Hannah Michael (College of St. Josephs, ME), Kayla Smith (Regis University, CO), Jessica Bowen (Christian Brothers, TN), Ethan Pollett (Franklin College, KY), Gwen Paule (Cornell College, IA), Samantha Kuszynski (U Michigan, Dearborn), Scarlett Nail (U Tennessee, Martin).

REU Poster Session

Poster Session: Dr. Scott Handy (mentor) discusses research with Kayla Smith, as Ethan Pollett and Jaden Watkins walk to the next poster.

ORN Visit

Oak Ridge National Lab: Dr. Flora Meilleur (host), Dr. Vishwas Bedekar (mentor), Samantha Kuszynski, Jessica Bowen, Gwen Paule, Scarlett Nail, Kayla Smith, Hannah Michael, Jaden Watkins, Ethan Pollett, Dr. Andrienne Friedli (mentor).

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality: Scarlett Nail selects a molecular structure as she views in 3D through an augmented reality headset.