K-12 Partnership

CIMTSU provides teaching resources and offers assistant to interested pre-K and K-12 schools developing Chinese language programs. It organizes summer camps for K-12 students provides opportunities for immersive Chinese culture experience. It also helps to forge collaborations between schools in Middle Tennessee and in China. 

If your school is interested in offering Chinese language courses, CIMTSU will be glad to help. We will be able to provide volunteer teachers and help you with curriculum structure. 

If you are interested in finding partner schools in China, we will be able to help also.

If you wish to view our contract with Hanban please follow the link here


Confucius Institute
P.O. Box 114
106 Peck Hall

Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Phone: 615-494-8696


Are you interested in studying in China? Scholarships are available for college students.