Fall '21 Collage Staff

Editor in Chief Anthony Czelusinak
Designer Rylee Campbell
 Assistant Designer Wessinger Deason
Assistant Editor Sophia Watts
Creative Director Jessikah Riley
Literature Editor Abigail Wells
Assistant Literature Editor Fatemah Bakhtiari
Visual Arts Editor Steven Gavel
Photography Editor Sierra Hart
Art Editor  Chelsea Gardiner
Poetry Editors Dominic Marcoaldi, Haley Roberts
Fiction Editor Victoria Deckard
Nonfiction Editor  Zoe Naylor
Video/Film Jessikah Riley, Sierra Hart, Elizabeth Clippard, Micaela Anderson
Audio Julianna Brown, Elizabeth Clippard, Wessinger Deason
Literature Review Micaela Anderson, Wessinger Deason
Visual Review Elizabeth Clippard, Julianna Brown, Jessikah Riley, Rylee Campbell
Adviser Marsha Powers


To apply for a position on the Collage staff, please fill in the application and return it to Marsha Powers, Honors College 225. Applications can be downloaded or picked up from the Collage office, Honors 224. Or Apply Online.

 Applicants do not need to be Honors students, but are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Recent Members of the Collage Staff: