Spring '22 Collage Staff

Editor in Chief Micaela Anderson
Designer Ali Neef
Associate Designer Monika Overholt
Associate Editor Charlotte Daigle 
Creative Director Emma Jones
Production Assistant  
Social Media Manager Haley Roberts
Social Media Assistant Manager Rachelle Laurel
Literature Editor Angela Benninghoff
Asst. Literature Editor Fatemeh Bakhtiari
Visual Arts Editor Rylee Campbell
Asst. Visual Editor Timothy Wales
Photography Editors Haley Roberts, Becky Carter, Ella Richardson
Art Editors  Kaleigh Young, Zayne Long
Poetry Editors Sydney Robertson, Madalynn Whitten
Fiction Editors Chelsey Brown, Brynlee Wolfe
Nonfiction Editors Hannah Antrican, Stephanie Hall
Video/Film Timothy Wales, Ella Richardson, Annalise Dodson, Grace Holland
Audio Timothy Wales, Ella Richardson, Annalise Dodson, Grace Holland
Literature Review Kera Reynolds, Souvipha Kaewbunyard, Elizabeth Polson, Rachelle Laurel, Courtney Anderson, Kaleia Branch, Joey Harris
Visual Review Grace Holland, Annalise Dodson
Adviser Marsha Powers


To apply for a position on the Collage staff, please fill in the application and return it to Marsha Powers, Honors College 225. Applications can be downloaded or picked up from the Collage office, Honors 224. Or Apply Online.

 Applicants do not need to be Honors students, but are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Recent Members of the Collage Staff: