Communication Minor

Students must complete 15 credit hours (the core + 4 more classes).

The minor in Communication will provide a 15-credit, intensive study of communication concepts and ideas.  Since most of the courses in the minor will be part of MTSU's Experiential Learning Program, the minor is an excellent choice for students who want to graduate with the EXL designation. 

Required (3 hours)

COMM 2100             Introduction to Human Communication

Choose among these courses (12 hours)

COMM 2300            Interpersonal Communication
COMM 3050            Listening
COMM 3100            Critical Methods in Communication
COMM 3210            Argumentation and Debate
COMM 3220            Small Group Communication
COMM 3225            Gender Communication
COMM 3230            Professional Public Speaking 
COMM 3240            Introduction to Organizational Communication
COMM 3245            Women, Leadership, and Communication
COMM 3250            Communication in Nonprofit Organizations
COMM 3300            Communication Theory
COMM 3340            Interviewing
COMM 3350            Diversity in Communication
COMM 3400            Romantic Relationship Communication
COMM 3500            Communication for Organizational Effectiveness
COMM 3560            Intercultural Communication
COMM 3580            Political Communication
COMM 3650            Conflict in Communication
COMM 3680            Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication
COMM 3750            Quantitative Research Methods in Communication
COMM 4100            Rhetoric, Identity, and Difference
COMM 4200            Multinational Organizations
COMM 4260            Independent Study *
COMM 4320            Persuasion Communication
COMM 4350            Nonverbal Communication
COMM 4400            Sexual Communication
COMM 4500            Senior Capstone in Organizational Communication
COMM 4650            History and Theory of Rhetoric
COMM 4700            Senior Seminar in Communication
COMM 4800            Topics in Communication *
COMM 4900            Internship in Communication Studies *
*   No more than 3 credit hours in COMM 4260, COMM 4800, or COMM 4900

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