SEPT. 8, 2021: Let’s get 1,500 more vaccinations in our MTSU community!

The best defense against the COVID-19 virus, and its Delta Variant, is to get vaccinated! Every person that gets vaccinated brings us one step closer to ending the pandemic. Not getting vaccinated puts you at much higher risk of severe COVID-19, which can make you seriously sick for a long period of time and possibly cause lasting damage—even if you're young and healthy.

Also, you don’t have to quarantine if you’ve been exposed to someone who you later found out was infected with COVID-19. And, if you end up traveling someplace that requires a vaccine, that will already be taken care of. Plus, at the end of the day, you will be protected against the disease, so you won’t have to worry about getting other people sick or causing them to need to quarantine by accident.

Students, faculty and staff - Take Your Lucky Shot!

  • Students who go to Student Health Services for the COVID-19 vaccination, or who present proof of vaccination on or after Sept. 7, can receive either a $25 MT Dining gift card or select from a changing array of rewards available at stations in the Rec Center lobby. These rotating rewards will be limited in quantity – and constantly rotating in and out of availability. 
  • Faculty and staff who go to Student Health Services on or after Sept. 7 for the COVID-19 vaccination, or present proof of vaccination on or after Sept. 7, can select from the changing array of rewards that will be made available at stations in the Rec Center lobby (employees are not eligible for the MT Dining cards).
  • Those vaccinated before Sept. 7 are not eligible for this campaign.

Schedule your appointment today at MTSU Student Health Services! It's free!