Question 11:

A student submits an essay containing a reference to recurring dreams of stabbing her roommate.

What is your response?

Tell the roommate? Discuss with the student? Report the matter to the Student Assistance Coordinating Committee? Report the matter to law enforcement? What are the FERPA / privacy considerations? Would you classify this student as distressed, disturbed, disruptive, or dangerous?
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  • Since essays may or may not be reviewed immediately, an instructor may not be able to discern if this situation is imminently dangerous for the roommate. However, if the instructor does have more information and the situation does seem to be dangerous, then the Campus Police should be contacted immediately at 615-898-2424.
  • In any case, you should report the incident to your academic administrator/other designated personnel as quickly as possible.
  • FERPA/privacy considerations are waived in situations that Involve imminent danger to the student of concern/others. An instructor might have to make such a decision without additional information which might confirm if the situation is dangerous.
  • Document this incident (and every incident of inappropriate behavior) and forward a copy of the document to the Office of Student Conduct, KUC 208 at 615-898-2750. Ask for assistance in determining your next steps.
  • To report this student of concern to the Student Assistance Coordinating Committee (SACC) call Dr. Mary Kaye Anderson, Interim Director of Counseling Services at 615-898-2670. The SACC group will gather available information about a particular student of concern and make decisions about possible appropriate interventions.


Question 12:

A parent / spouse calls you and asks if you have noticed that his child / wife has lost a lot of weight recently and lacks an ability to concentrate. You have noticed the behavioral changes in the student in question.

What is your response?

What can you tell the parent / spouse about your observations? Do you need authorization from the Office of the Registrar to disclose this information? Can you forward the parent / spouse copies of the student’s attendance records and grades? Does the status of the caller (parent vs. spouse) matter?
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  • Acknowledge the parent's/spouse's concern for the student. Do not disclose your observations of the student to the parent/spouse, rather refer the parent/spouse to the appropriate on-campus offices for assistance in responding to their concerns.
  • A student (regardless of age or marital status) is the owner of their academic record.

    Instructor: "Mr./Mrs.Simpson, I know you are concerned about Pat's welfare. I want to tell you about two resources on campus where Pat can get help. Students are eligible for services through Counseling Services located in KUC 326 at 615-898-2670. The services are free. A student can walk-in and make an appointment or call to make an appointment to meet with a counselor. “
  • A student is the owner of their academic record/information. A parent/spouse cannot access that information unless the student signs a release of information. However, if Pat is your child and both of you signed a Partners in Education Form (PIE) and it is still in effect, you can visit the MT One Stop and request information on Pat's academic progress".

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