• Policy regarding attendance, punctuality and tardiness, including consequences.
  • Statement regarding appropriate behavior between student and instructor and/or classmates.
  • Appropriate expectations for instructor time and attention inside and outside of classroom. General policies regarding communication with instructor, including instructor office hours and location, appointments and drop-in policy, phone number / e-mail address and policy regarding returning telephone calls and e-mail communication.
  • Statement regarding conflict resolution in the classroom (e.g., how to discuss differences/disagreements with the instructor and other students). General policy on eating, drinking, smoking in class.
  • General policy regarding children and visitors in class.
  • General policy regarding breaks and leaving and entering class at other than break time(s).
  • General policy on plagiarism.
  • General policy regarding cell phones, pagers, laptop computers, PDA's.
  • Statement regarding reasonable accommodation for documented students with disabilities:

    “If you have a disability that may require assistance or accommodations, or if you have any questions related to any accommodation for testing, note taking, reading, etc., please speak with me as soon as possible. You must contact the office of Disability & Access Center or appropriate institutional office to officially request such accommodations / services.”

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