ACT (American College Testing) National Exam

One lane on each side of Middle Tennessee Boulevard will be closed due to construction until July 2018.  Other entrances more accessible to use are Rutherford Boulevard, East Main Street, or Greenland Drive.  Printable maps/directions of the University and the Murfreesboro area can be found at


  • The ACT National is a college admissions examination. Scores can be reported to any desired college.
  • Test takers must register and have acceptable photo ID (valid driver's license) and ACT admission ticket.

Visitors (Parking Passes)

All visitors are requested to contact Parking and Transportation Services office at 1403 East Main Street, or go online, create a guest account, and print a visitor pass.

Please see parking notices for the latest changes in parking on campus. All legal parking areas are designated by signs, painted stripes, or other marks. Be sure to check the posted signs BEFORE you park your automobile. If it isn't marked, don't park!  For parking questions, visit Parking Services' website.

To Register


  • A basic 4-function calculator may be used on the ACT National. A review course may be offered through the Office of Continuing Studies (615-898-2462), and study guides may be purchased at bookstores. 
  • Information regarding the ACT National is available by calling 319-337-1270 or visiting
  • Free practice tests, flashcards and other study guides can be found at
  • ID requirements and calculators:
  • Score Reports: or 319-337-1313