Helpful Resources for Making a Great Research Poster


Sometimes it's tricky to know where to start when creating a poster presentation. We've collected some tools, resources, and templates to start you on your poster research journey.

Design Tools

Campus Resources

Printing Your Poster

  • You can easily use on campus resoruces, such as Blue Print Solutions or the Library, to get your poster ready for the Celebration of Student Writing.

Links for Other Helpful Tips, Templates, and More

Still looking for more ideas, inspiration, or help? We've got you.

  • Colin Purrington's design blog offers some additional design tips (more geared towards scholarly science posters), with some nice design templates and printing tips thrown in for good measure. 
  • NYU's library offers a guide for poster basics, along with good and bad examples of poster presentations.
  • Northern Arizona University has a poster creation website specifically geared towards undergraduate research. Their page contains tips on design, layout, and even how to prepare for the presentation itself.

Have you found a poster resource that could be helpful to others? We'd love to see it - send it to us at