Frequently Asked Questions -  Freshman CUSTOMS

Going off to college can be an exciting yet confusing time. CUSTOMS is a summer orientation program for you and your family designed to help you make a smooth transition to life at Middle Tennessee State University.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you with your inquiry:

How can I sign up for a CUSTOMS date?  

All students who apply for admission to the University will receive information about CUSTOMS through conventional mail. Once you are accepted you will be invited to register for a CUSTOMS session.

Is CUSTOMS on campus?

Yes, we are excited to offer a one day on campus component for freshman orientation.  This compliments the CUSTOMS Online modules that must be completed PRIOR to the date you select to come to campus. 

Do I need to wear a mask while on campus?

Yes, while Rutherford County’s mask mandate has currently been lifted, we require them while on MTSU’s campus.

Will I be able to select classes?

By participating in CUSTOMS you'll have the opportunity to register for classes early.  The advising and class registration process will be done VIRTUALLY with your academic advisor the day FOLLOWING the CUSTOMS date. 

Your academic advisor will email you before your selected CUSTOMS date with information about your major and a link to schedule a time for advising the following day.

Should my family come?

Yes! We encourage freshman family members to attend. They have many questions and concerns which can be best answered at CUSTOMS.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions on space, we are asking you to limit your family members to only ONE.

Which session should I attend?

For your convenience, we have scheduled several different dates. You MUST come to a session that is scheduled for your particular college in order to receive correct advising. See the Program of Study web page to check the college that your major falls under.

The on-campus CUSTOMS experience is one day only, the date you select when signing up.  Academic advising and registration is done VIRTUALLY and will take place the day following your selected on-campus CUSTOMS date.  Select a date that works in your schedule to come to campus and allow time to schedule advising and registration the day following.

Is there a fee to attend?

Yes, there is a fee to attend CUSTOMS.

Where do we stay during CUSTOMS?

We are unable to offer on campus housing as an option for CUSTOMS,   since it is only a one day on campus event.  If you need to spend the night, there are many local hotels that can accommodate you. 

Do I get to meet with an advisor?

Yes, you will get to meet with the advising staff and Dean of your college while on campus for CUSTOMS. You will get information about how the advising and registration will take place the following day(or Monday for the freshman Saturday session . 

To protect the health and confidential information of our students and advisors, the individual advising appointment will take place VIRTUALLY the following day.  

Do I have to stay for the entire session and process?

Yes, you have to complete the CUSTOMS Online module component and attend the one day on campus CUSTOMS experience in order to register for classes. 

How long does CUSTOMS Online orientation take to complete?

It should take about an hour and 30 minutes to complete the linear online orientation, but you can spend more time digging deeper into some of the areas that are most interesting to you.  But, you can complete it at you own pace.  If you leave the session, you will return to the point you left when you return to modules. 

Also, you can revisit the whole orientation any time when you have questions or want to review a specific section. 

CUSTOMS online

How long does the on-campus CUSTOMS experience last?

CUSTOMS on campus will last one day.  We will begin at 8:30 and will have structured activities through 2:30.   We will also have many additional activities available until 4:00pm for those that want to take care of any business on campus or find out more about campus life for our students.

Can I spend the night on-campus while at CUSTOMS?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer on-campus housing this year.  There are many hotels and other accommodations in Murfreesboro, if you want to stay in Murfreesboro.


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