Accommodation Process

A disability-related accommodation is a reasonable method change that does not fundamentally alter an essential element of the environment in question. 

Process to Request Accommodations


Student should complete a registration application to begin the process.


Student should provide documentation of disability from a healthcare provider.


Documentation is reviewed by DAC for completeness and appropriateness.


Student meets with DAC staff to discuss accommodation needs.


Appropriate accommodations are determined and displayed through an email to faculty if student self requests.


Instructor receives accommodation letters through email from DAC.

Interactive Process

Students are encouraged to communicate with faculty to ensure accommodation implementation. 
If any questions/concerns arise, please contact the DAC.

Follow Through

Student uses assigned accommodations.

Commonly Requested Accommodations

  • Testing accommodations — extra time, a reduced distraction environment, a reader and/or scribe
  • Notetaking — provision of note taking technologies such as digital recorders and Livescribe pens, requesting instructor notes/Powerpoints, and peer note taking
  • Textbooks and other text in alternate formats like Braille and audio.
  • Priority Seating
  • Sign Language Interpreting / CART