Digital Signs

MTSU uses the FWi Content Manager to store, deploy and schedule content to signs on the digital signage network. Enterprise digital sign management is in place to manage timely accurate information for logistics and wayfinding via digital signs, provide a venue for promotion of university-related communications, and promote a sense of place (comfort/belonging/connection) to the University.

Types of Digital Signs

  • Readerboards
    Non-interactive digital monitors that can display various content assets
  • Interactive Information Boards
    Interactive digital monitors that display and allow users to interact with content assets
  • Interactive Wayfinding Directories
    Interactive digital monitors that can display various content assets, including interactive content directories and wayfinding components
  • Video Walls
    Displays made up of multiple monitors that allow for large multimedia displays

Digital Sign Templates

Readerboard template options are below. Please note that Readerboard A and Readerboard B allow for an RSS Feed or calendar to be placed in the footer. Please see the sign gallery for examples.

Readerboard A

Readerboard B

Readerboard C