Data Dive: Second Harvest - an Opportunity for Students to Use Data for Good

April 2, 2019
Data Dive: Second Harvest - an Opportunity for Students to Use Data for Good

How do you give students an opportunity to work with data and also help out a local non-profit orgniazation?  Have a Data Dive!

The Data Dive concept is to provide a hackathon style event for students to work on real world data.  On March 29th and 30th, the Data Science Institute at MTSU hosted the first Data Dive, with the data partner being Second Harvest. 

A team getting help from the Second Harvest crew.


According to Frank Ellmo, Director of Operations at Second Harvest,

"Data Dives offer a great opportunity for students to test-drive their book knowledge in "real-world" applications with no need and frankly, no ability, to solve for the "right" answer because the biggest a-ha is that there is no right answer! Instead, for a few hours, there is real-time give-and-take, real-life "what-if" pondering, and ul...

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MTSU Hack MT reveals ‘brilliant’ tech projects, student talent

January 29, 2019
Knowing Nashville’s and the Midstate’s growing technology needs, the fourth annual event brings together college and university teams — plus a high school student or two — to collaborate among themselves and with mentors, alumni and others to create music, video games, sound tracks, dance games and more.

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Data Science Institute - What is it?

June 18, 2018
Data Science Institute - What is it?

After a long awaited start, the Data Science Institute is finally getting going.  It has been great to hear from so many friends and colleagues since the announcement, and in most cases I am presented with the same question.

The Data Science Institute - what is it?

That is a great question.  As I get started with this endeavor, part of my initial role is figuring out this question.  What is the Data Science Institute?

For the short answer, the Data Science Institute will focus on the following strategic areas:

  1. Interdisciplinary Faculty Collaboration
  2. Big Data Research Projects
  3. Industry and Government Partnerships
  4. Community Involvement

Each one blurs with the other, but mainly involves interdisciplinary research and analysis to bring MTSU external funding thro...

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