Blue Mars

Blue MarsThe Blue Mars project will explore the human experience of inhabiting Mars – that’s all things biological, social, cultural, philosophical, psychological and technological. 

Human kind is uniquely and dependently a product of Earth.  The human condition, our understanding of and approaches to ourselves, Earth, and the universe comes from our sole vantage point: life on Earth looking outward.  Investment and innovation toward human travel to and from Mars is accelerating with human landing and eventual settlement.   

This is an open call for participation in the first of a series of research initiatives sponsored by the Office of Research over the next academic year and beyond.  Our goal is to bring together innovative and future-oriented researchers from across the disciplines to build a critical mass of scholarship and grant funding that investigates how humans will travel to and settle on Mars. Those MTSU faculty and PhD. students who are interested in exploring their discipline through an extra-planetary and interdisciplinary lens are invited to contribute to this research venture.    

David Butler Blue Mars

Faculty and students across all of MTSU’s 41 departments and nine doctoral programs have much to contribute to the wide-ranging investigations of: the innovations necessary for building a civilization on Mars; how expected and unforeseen ways life on Mars may change humans and society; and how human habitation of Mars may change both Mars and the human experience on Earth. 

We will begin with a “think tank” approach whereby BMI participants will engage in multiple brainstorming sessions over the next academic year to: pose research questions and strategies; develop research projects and programs; and plan the eventual dissemination of the Blue Mars Initiative research findings (including websites, symposia, conferences, peer-reviewed journal articles and books, etc.)