Industry and Government Partnerships

Industry PartnershipsOpportunities to partner with companies on big data projects could have a profound effect on the Data Science Institute.  Real-world it not only gives the University an opportunity for real projects world for faculty and students but also creates a pipeline for communication and opportunities. Several opportunities may include funding, grant opportunities, and paid projects.

To tie education, research, and external funding sources together with the opportunity to partner with industry allows the Data Science Institute to develop synergistic projects. Also by developing these relationships, it lends itself to introductions with individuals within the community, within the government, as well as other local agencies. For example:

  • Hack MTThere are several individuals and companies that are "using dat for good".  Finding opportunities and funding to support these initiatives can be accomplished through the Data Science Institute.
  • Best opportunities for students and faculty to get real world projects is to partner with companies.  The opportunity for classroom projects and/or Kaggle style competitions can be a value added benefit to partnerships.
  • Developing advisory or peer groups to help solve real world problems with big data.