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Data Science at MTSU is a comprehensive set of interdisciplinary programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD. level, as well a Data Science Institute that enhances the experience through real-world projects and research.  This fully integrated model allows students the opportunity to not only pursue a degree, but also an opportunity for experiences that are unmatched in an academic environment.  Below is a list of the programs and how you can get started.

  • Bachelor of Science in Data Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Data Science
  • Coming Soon: Master of Science in Data Science
  • PhD. in Computational and Data Science

Bachelor of Science in Data Science

A degree in Data Science provides a unique interdisciplinary approach to education that includes courses and faculty from several departments, including Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Systems & Analytics, and Economics and Finance. This degree leverages the strengths of MTSU by bringing the best of all of these areas together to create future career ready data professionals.

Students will take courses in programming, statistics, analytics, database, and machine learning as well as selecting a concentration in either Inferential Thinking, Business Intelligence, or Advanced Machine Learning.  Not only will students be taking innovative and interdisciplinary courses, but they will also be able to put those skills to good use through ‘real-world’ projects through the Data Science Institute and events such as Data Dives and Hackathons.  A degree that truly makes you career ready through courses and experiences to create data driven problem solvers.

Click here for more information on the Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Upskilling for the future data world: The Graduate Certificate in Data Science at MTSU allows everyone the opportunity to learn the data skills needed to compete in the current and future data environment.  This four-course certificate includes:

  • Online modules with practical and interactive content
  • Real-world homework experiences
  • Data hackathons at the end of every course

Who is this intended for?

Anyone that already completed a bachelor's degree and believe that adding the necessary data skills will enhance their current situation.  Data Science is for everyone and this Graduate Certificate allows any working or aspiring professional the opportunity to get started.

The only prerequisite is a bachelor’s degree.  We encourage individuals from every industry and skill levels to be a part of this program.

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PhD. in Computational and Data Science

The mission of the Computational and Data Science doctoral program is to prepare students for 21st-century data careers in academia, government, and industrial laboratories by emphasizing the key role of computation in the physical, biological, mathematical, and data sciences. Research-intensive studies in computing, mathematics, and science provide the foundation needed to solve real-world problems across disciplines. MTSU's program emphasizes both simulation and data-intensive science, giving students the skills they need to model complex systems and handle the huge volumes of data generated in modern scientific experiments. A partnership among faculty from eight different departments results in a unique interdisciplinary education that prepares graduates to adapt and grow as computing systems and scientific research evolves. Most students in the doctoral program can also complete a master's degree in either Mathematics or Computer Science.

Click here for more information on the PhD. in Computational and Data Science

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