Infographics & Infosheets

These infographics and infosheets provide useful information about reading, reading instruction, and reading disabilities. They were developed by staff at the Center for Dyslexia to aid parents, educators, administrators, and others to get information about a specific topic at a glance.


Characteristics of Dyslexia

This infosheet outlines risk factors that may predict difficulty with word reading skills. Risk factors can be identified as early as preschool, and older students who are struggling to read words at a developmentally appropriate level continue to display specific characteristics.



Accommodations for Dyslexia

This infosheet specifies some of the accommodations that may benefit individuals with dyslexia. Individuals who have a reading disability can struggle to demonstrate their full potential on class assignments and tests. Accommodations support individuals with dyslexia to display their full potential.




School-based Identification of Dyslexia

This infosheet provides a graphical depiction of the process used to identify dyslexia in accordance with the Tennessee 2016 dyslexia law.


Foundational Reading Skills

This infosheet provides a snapshot of instruction targets and methods for use with supporting foundational literacy skills. The recommendations offer a synthesis of the conclusions reported in an instructional guide published by the U.S. Institute of Education Sciences.
SL Principles of Instruction  

Structured Literacy Principles of Instruction

This infographic outlines some of the instructional principles that are the hallmark of explicit instruction. Educators need to understand what must be taught as part of Structured Literacy. It is equally essential for them to know how the instruction should be structured and delivered.

SL Instructional Targets   

Structured Literacy Instructional Targets for Reading

This infographic outlines some of the areas taught as part of Structured Literacy in support of reading. Educators who adopt a Structured Literacy approach to reading instruction teach all aspects of language in support of reading development. 

Assistive Technology  

Assistive Technology

This infographic outlines some ways that technology can be used to support the success of individuals with dyslexia.

Shared Reading Infographic   

Shared Reading in the Home

This infographic highlights 5 things to keep in when engaging in shared reading time with your child. This infographic supports a longer shared reading planning guide developed by the Center of Dyslexia.

Literacy Culture  

Literacy Culture

It takes a community fully engaged with a school to cultivate a literacy culture. This infosheet focuses on the roles played by different educators in a school when striving to support a literacy initiative. 

Structured Literacy Language Tidbits  

Structured Literacy Instruction

A collection of fun language tidbits to stoke your structured literacy teaching and learning.