Tennessee Teach Back Initiative

The MTSU Tennessee Teach Back Initiative (TTBI) is a teacher preparation initiative developed by the College of Education. It recruits high school students to earn an initial teaching license at MTSU and teach in high-need areas of the state. Research suggests that teacher shortages have a direct impact on educational opportunities and outcomes for students, and disproportionally impact student of color, students from low-income backgrounds, students with disabilities, and students from rural communities (U.S. Department fo Education, 2021). 

The TTBI is designed to help address the teacher shortage we are facing in the state, and to promote the career of teaching as an opportunity to make a positive impact in our communities. The TTBI's efforts will positiviely add to the economic health and vitality of the state.

Benefits for District Partners

As a sponsoring school district, you would pay any portion of the student's bill that is not covered by scholarships or grants. The University seeks to develop partnerships with school districts and city/county officials to support candidates in this program. Participating partners will be engaged in all aspects of the program, including recruitment, retention, and career opportunities for students.

Benefits for Students

  • Last-dollar scholarships
  • Opportunity to live with other education students in the Difference Makers living-learning community on campus
  • Specialized engagement and advising support
  • Praxis prep workshops
  • EdTPA prep workshops
  • Mentoring and networking
  • Career readiness and induction support
  • Guaranteed position in sponsor district

Interested in being a school district PARTNER in the TTBI program?

Interested in being a STUDENT in the TTBI program?


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