Office of Professional Laboratory Experiences

The College of Education's Office of Professional Laboratory Experiences supports individuals seeking teacher licensure. Specifically, they provide support with admission to teacher education, during Residency 2 (i.e., student teaching), and when trying to acquire an initial teacher license or add-on an endorsement to a current teaching license. 

Tiffany Dellard, Executive Director
(615) 898-2485

Patti Agnew, Executive Aide
Room 207, College of Education Building
(615) 898-2485

Quinton Goodman, Coordinator of Field Placements
(615) 898-2794

Imam Anerin, Data Management Specialist 
(615) 494-8601

Office of Teacher Licensure

Florestine McCullough, Teacher Licensure Analyst
(615) 904-8001

Teacher Licensure Programs

The Tennessee Legislature, the State Board of Education, and the MTSU Council on Teacher Education have approved policies requiring students who wish to prepare for careers as teachers to make formal application for admission to the professional education program. Students are encouraged to contact the College of Education Advising Office regarding requirements for admission to the teacher education program. Information also can be found at 

Students seeking licensure to teach must successfully complete program requirements currently in effect. Students should meet with their College of Education advisor early in their academic career.